FCG - SEO Services Chicago

    SEO is a constantly evolving industry, and it's in your company and brand's best interest to have an expert review, analyze and oversee an SEO campaign for your website to stay on top and ahead of market and industry trends. FCG is a Chicago SEO company that has worked with everyone from long standing global brands to new startups across several unique industries.

    We specialize in SEO and pride ourselves on being a numbers driven company that is constantly analyzing each campaign, making tweaks to help things run more efficiently, and helping to provide you with the biggest ROI possible. We don’t just help your rankings improve; we help your sales improve as well. Our services include:

    • Analysis through web audits and competitive, industry and keyword research
    • Strategy development through on page and off page strategies, social media integration and link building
    • Implementation of strategy through landing page optimization, user experience tweaks, content creation tailed to the user, social campaigns and link building
    • Monitoring progress & ROI tracking of traffic, web performance, social media performance and leads
    • Reporting & analytics of traffic, leads and web performance in search engines on a monthly basis
    • Maintaining progress with keyword rankings and improving leads to ensure further business growth


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