5 Ways to Keep Your Content Fresh

Posted by Linda Hanlon on Sep 25, 2017 11:14:54 AM


Content is king. This saying has been beaten to death in recent years more often than characters in Game of Thrones. Fresh content is the best way to get traffic to your blog or website. It gives users something new to read or learn about. Having content that is interesting will engage more people and keep them coming back to read more. But, if people are reading your content, it’s ideal to give them different types of content to read and keep coming back for more. Mixing things up will give something unexpected to the readers as they go through your various posts. If you want to keep them hungry for more of your content, try these five ways to keep your content fresh:


With technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to use to make your content pop. Creating a video that has the content you want your readers to see can be a fun way for them to get the information. Creating polished video has never been easier and can be done right from your phone and edited using a variety of apps. Whether you are doing “facts of the day” or trying to sell a product, putting content in video form will grab attention. But, video content might not be the best option if there is a lot of information to read. Attention spans are shrinking so being concise and engaging is the ultimate goal. Try using videos for shorter pieces so the information you want can fit into it, but it isn’t too long to watch and read.


Inserting charts or diagrams into your content piece can be an easy way to catch the reader’s attention by giving them something visually appealing to look at. Infographics are a great tool when there are statistics in your content. Diagrams can also help readers visualize what you are talking about. For example, if you are trying to explain the difference in size or number between two things, having a chart or diagram that shows the difference can paint a better picture for readers. We used infographics on a fitness website to help show the expected gains from using our client’s programs. Example here.


Having a personality can add some fun to content creation. There are specific topics when tone should stay formal, such as writing for medical purposes. But, if your content allows you to have some creativity try using different tones to engage readers. Many readers enjoy reading pieces that have a humorous or more opinionated tone. Personal blogs are likely the easiest platform to have the most diversity for tone, but even specific columns in newspapers or magazines allow tone diversity. In keeping with the Game of Thrones references, we love the tone of this blog about the latest episode (SPOILER ALERT).

Body Style

Creating different body styles for your content can drastically change the way readers engage with a piece. Different body styles can be an easy way to keep content different. Checklists, numbered pieces and “How To” pieces are great examples of different body styles. Not all content needs to be in original paragraph form. Using different body styles can help readers find posts new and engaging. Also, certain types of styles such as a numbered list can seem faster to read than longer paragraphs which might suit some readers. (Screenshots of some examples here would be cool)


With 365 days in a year, there is always something different going on which means there’s lots of content to write about. Using the time of year for your content can keep it up to date and relevant. Using holidays, seasonal patterns, current events or months can help you create content that readers want at that time of the year. Creating content that is seasonal is the perfect way to keep your content as fresh and new as the day of the year. One of our favorite options is to intertwine current events into our ads and content.

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